In Focus – 1874 NORTHWICH 2019-20

How Community Kit Design Made 1874 Northwich World Famous

Designed by illustrator Phil Galloway, 1874 Northwich’s 2019-20 away shirt was one of the best and most radical shirts of the year. Manufactured by Bury based SK Kits, it truly reflected the identity of Northwich as it incorporated elements of the Cheshire market town’s heritage into a daring bold design. The shirt colours were chosen beforehand by 1874 members, who opted for a snazzy two-blue and white combination.

“The team threw it open on Twitter for the fans to get involved. When they started filtering in and when the colour was chosen, I was looking at all these amazing designs by the fans, with the Tudor patterns, the salt, the river… and I started piecing it all together in my head. I saw the fans had picked on certain bits which were quite key for the town.”

Phil Galloway, shirt designer

In addition to the town’s landmarks, Galloway drew inspiration from the eye popping bangers of the late 80s and early 90s and there are clear hints of his love for Hummel in the design which coincidentally also references Northwich’s modern Memorial Court which looms large over the town.

“I delved a little bit deeper into researching old Northwich crests, I looked at the confluence of the two rivers. With the zig-zag waves, there’s an old crest of Northwich from hundreds of years ago where it has a ship with a zig-zag pattern on it on one of the sails. It was piecing together heritage, but in a modern design.”

Phil Galloway

1874 Northwich were founded in 2012 as a community club, owned and operated by supporters who had become disenfranchised with the way Northwich Victoria had been run. This dazzling shirt has significantly raised the profile of the North West Counties League club and seen them receive orders from football shirt enthusiasts across the globe.

“We know a few people in the kitster community online and with us being really active on Twitter and having a strong social media presence, we kind of tapped into that. We’ve received orders from all over and it’s gone viral. We couldn’t have asked for it to have gone better, it’s gone down really well.”

Ashley Dobell, 1874 Northwich

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