In Focus: RÆBURN x Umbro

The National Football Museum speak to renowned fashion studio RÆBURN about the development of their England-inspired collection and their collaboration with kit giants Umbro.

What inspired the futuristic England shirt and tracksuit you created?

The collection was built on the strength and unqiue quality of England jerseys created by Umbro. There was a wealth of fascinating detail combined with the emotive value that made the impact of the collection so unique.

Umbro is a brand that I grew up with, understanding the heritage and cultural significance of the company. There is great synergy between Umbro and RÆBURN, both British heritage companies and RÆBURN is proud to remake in England. All England kits used in the creation of these one off pieces were lovingly recrafted and UK made in the RÆBURN Lab with respect to the cultural heritage of each piece.

The project deconstructs iconic Umbro shirts from 1996 to 2010 and crafts them into a 6-piece range of unique and authentic statement garments. The use of this technique means no single garment is the same, creating truly inimitable pieces.

The range fully embraces the RÆBURN brand ethos; RÆMADE, RÆDUCED, RÆCYCLED while celebrating Umbro’s indelible links with English football.

Does football mirror fashion or fashion mirror football?

The synergy between fashion and football has a long history of course. Both are inextricably linked, culturally and in construct. Fashion will continue to be inspired by technical kit made for purpose, as will kit design for aesthetic impact and value from the industry. Nostalgic apparel that resonates with a community for both football and fashion will always be relevant and important to continue to elevate and evolve.

Was it available to buy or is it a one-off piece?

Each of the 6-pieces are RÆMADE and one of a kind. The unique pieces then set the ground for a commercial capsule collection in collaboration with Umbro. The collaboration is a replica of these RÆMADE pieces and created by using responsible materials, such as organic cotton and recycled blends.

What other football related clothing things do you create?

RÆBURN focus on a range of apparel and accessories that are created through the lens of responsible design. These ranges are focused primarily on ready to wear, urban and outdoor gear. RÆBURN also partners with experts of craft to work in different fields such as football and kit design. We have had the privilege to work with Umbro and seek to continue that relationship, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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