Strip! Show – the Expert Panel

In October 2019, a hand-picked panel of experts, enthusiasts and designers came together to discuss football kit from every angle: The highs and lows of the past, the excesses and innovations of the present and the endless possibilities of the future.

We took over two hours of footage and boiled it down to just short of twenty minutes, where we examine what kit means to each of us and pose the following big questions and more; What was the golden age of kit design? Can kits transcend tribalism? Is it possible to make kit fit for a sustainable world? And will we ever live down the the horror of forgetting our kit for PE lessons?

Featuring Sarah Collins (lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, who has previously worked as a designer at Reebok), Phil Delves (Football Shirt Collective), Jay Handley (, John Devlin (, and Les Motherby & Adam Shearsmith (

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